At The French Needle, we have dedicated our business to the beauty of artisanal needlecraft.
Whether it be embroidery kits, scissors or scarves, we have scoured France for the finest, most beautiful handmade items.

We are pleased to offer tours, sharing some of France's finest needlework and textile spots with a small group of embroidery enthusiasts, comprised of no more than twelve people per group.

We’re currently running two trips: our third annual tour of Paris, and our first trip to Burgundy, where we will be staying in the beautiful Chateau de Prye.


April 7 - April 14, 2019

We  will be staying in an elegant, four star, family run hotel in the 6ème arrondissement of Paris. We will be dining in a selection of lovely restaurants, and will use private transportation to all activities. As in the past three years, needlework and textiles are the focus of our trip. But with Vincent as our guide, you will finish the trip with an excellent knowledge of the region!

Chateau de Prye

April 28 - May 5, 2019

For those who have already visited Paris, we are branching out this year to Burgundy. Lorna Bateman will be on site for four days of stitching. Our venue will be the imposing Chateau de Prye, dating from the middle ages. And of course, Vincent will also be with us on the tour, acting as our guide.